Sunday, March 6, 2011

things to do!!

new year's target lists

i know it's a little bit too late for this, but i still want to do it.

1. First and foremost, be more more and MORE hardworking.
No more Miss Lazy, got it??

2. Je voudrais aussi kurangkan buat bende2 lagha , banyakkan perkara2 berfaedah dan yg diberkati Allah.
3. Make study as a habit instead of sleeping. C'est tres importan

4. Practice a healthy life-style, which means jgn malas jogging!

5. Stay focus and don't be distracted by something unnecessary like ****.

that's all for now.let us change for better.insyaAllah.......
*bnyk2 kang tk terbuat lak nnti....sket2 sudah.sket2 lame2 jd bukit.
reminder: the final exam is just around the corner.don't study at the last minute.

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