Friday, December 28, 2012

im still alone in crowd of people..sobsobsob


setelah sekian lama xde update..akhirnya arini tergerak hati nk update.. arini aku sangat2 sedang bersedih.. entahlah..sensitif sangat..sumthing...small mattter actually.. sobsob sob..sedih jugak..

akhirnya aku melarikan diri ke satu tempat ..di "sini" supaya aku lebih tenang..and yes.. i feel so calm..luckly..i dunno why.. almost 3 years i was here.. i never thought that this place is the best place to "hide".. let it be my 2nd home.. sweetttt

syukur to Allah swt.. everytime i feel down..sad..dpress..weak..and  happy for the instant.. Allah always take care of me.. show me the right path.. thats why im here now..

even, nobody is around me..

i still can feel that somebody is around me.. watching over me.. make me smile with the sincerest smile.. sumthing that i never had before.. and help me with His way..

for my friend.. your apology ACCEPTED..ngeh ngeh ngeh

tu je pon nk update..

p/s : for those yg sedang bersedih..jgn bersedih k..Allah is always with us..